We Improve Senior Thesis



With the help of friends, my teacher, classmates, interviewing 30+ ATL & Knoxville non-profits anyone related in domestic violence/education, We Improve was created to bridge the gap in teaching high school and college students about dating violence/domestic violence.

We Improve would be a student-led volunteer group hosted by college philanthropy organizations who would team up with local resources (YWCA, Child & Family, Sexual Assault Center, Etc) to reach out to high school students to make improv flash mobs, fundraising events, workshops, etc to create awareness! Using social media as a big drive for participation too.


Senior Thesis. I was the only designer, ideation to completion. Went through many iterations, designed several keynotes and presented, created a live website, all social media accounts, live tweeted events, organized 2 flash mobs, emailed hundreds of people, interviewed 30 people for feedback and overall questions about the topic


Jan-May 2014


Although there are laws against Domestic Violence, we are numb to its impact until it happens directly


By targeting at a younger age, early prevention against abusers can lessen the instances of domestic violence

Result/Final Steps

The final end was the completion of the entire developed brand identity campaign. I send out emails to the university and people I interviewed with an outline on what could be next. I hope this serves as an inspiration or developed further to be tested in real schools as a positive support system rather than relying on current methods.


flash mob idea


We Improve Resource
View PDF Book

View the entire downloadable PDF Resource book, available for use to anyone. What’s in it?

  • Tons of Interviews
  • Tennessee/Georgia nonprofit resources
  • all the research
  • books to read/articles/websites
  • Similar inspirational campaigns
  • Design process
  • Drafts/Finals

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