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Users use Yelp or Foursquare as their primary source of rating. With Grate, we want to improve the user experience for customers by giving feedback to the servers for positive reinforcements of what they already do or what could be improved upon.

Grate is available for download in the app store since Nov 2014!


UX Team of One/Project Manager. Designed logo, market materials, user interface for mobile app and web interface, worked closely with developers and CEO/Founder on ideation  to completion for the mobile app for consumers  and web dashboard for restaurant managers


Bariol was chosen as the main typeface for Grate. I wanted a rounded friendly typeface that not only imitated the curves and rounds of kitchenware but the personalities of restaurant staff. It’s common to see smiles upon entering restaurants and from the waiters when being served. The logo should reflect what customers experience is like.


Print Materials

Examples of Business cards, flyers, etc

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 10.28.11 AM


Grate app

Task flow of User

To better scope the project, a task flow was made to keep everyone on the team on track and what was necessary.

Task Flow of User

Task Flow of User


From sketching to taking straight into high-fidelity to see what tone we wanted this brand to feel when users interacted with the app took many drafts and versions.


After taking a few steps back, looked at several mobile apps and inspiration, I took another re-route with this color. Overall, it’s been well received and usability testing by putting it in front of random goers on the street helped refined this version


Example screens of the Dashboard

With grate, we decided to make the data private for restaurant managers/owners only. With the ability to manage the account and view ratings on a daily to yearly basis for each server. The design for this started with a large header. Quickly, I realized the information content needs to have hierarchy. The most important information is the reviews, so the banner was created later to be smaller.

Below are some screens of the restaurant dashboard designed by me. Our user is a restaurant manager, between 30-50 years old, and is busy. With my user persona in mind, I wanted to make it quick and easy for anyone to use. I worked with a developer to do any changes and pushed for quick turnarounds as project manager for the engineer.



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Grate App has a 5.0 rating, available for download in the app store as of Nov. 2014.
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